Who we are

PT. Manohara Asri, part of Mahaghora Holding Group, is an Indonesian Snack Factory Based in Sidoarjo, East Java - Indonesia. Its main products are flavored coated peanuts / cashew / broad beans, wafer stick/roll, and pellet (raw material of chips). We are committed to high-quality manufacturing, only using superior-quality raw materials with cutting-edge technology in its process. The production of flavored peanuts uses ground-picked raw peanuts that are further selected through a closely-supervised sorting and grading of raw material. This process is then continued to the seasoning process in which first-rate spices are added. Lastly, the peanuts are roasted using a specially designed oven in a specific time and temperature.


Our Service

To achieve our vision and mission, PT Manohara Asri provides
Several services for our customers, among others are:


Our Strenghts

With the vast experience over 20 years in snack and confectionary industry, PT Manohara Asri offers the customers a wide range of products with over 100 SKU's through its own brands and private labels. Among our Company's competitive advantages, these are our most valuable attributes.