Who we are

PT. Manohara Asri, part of Mahaghora Holding Group, is an Indonesian Snack Factory Based in Sidoarjo, East Java - Indonesia. Its main products are flavored coated peanuts / cashew / broad beans, wafer stick/roll, and pellet (raw material of chips). We are committed to high-quality manufacturing, only using superior-quality raw materials with cutting-edge technology in its process.

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Mayasi Peanut

Flour-coated peanuts with several choices of flavor, including garlic, corn and chili for a flavorful and crispy taste

Mayasi Koro Koro

Broad peanuts with chili or cheese seasonings for a flavorful and crispy taste

Mayasi Premium

Flour-coated beans with garlic and spicy flavor to give flavorful and crispy taste (More crispy & more crunchy)

Iyes Peanut

Flour-coated peanuts with garlic, chili, corn, barbeque, cheese, tomato, chicken, and smoked flavor for a flavorful and crispy taste.

Iyes Bean Bean Bear

Flour-coated roasted cashew and peanut with several choices of flavor, which are mayonnaise, wasabi pizza, cheese, chili, corn, garlic, spaghetti, salted caramel, blackpepper, tom yum, honey […]

Iyes Mix

Snack mixed with roasted beans, peas, extruded snack and broad beans with corn and chili flavor or blackpepper and roasted beef.

Mayasi Chocoreto Rolls

Wafer roll with chocolate, blackforest, tiramisu, red velvet and cheesecake fillings

Iyes Roll N Roll

Mini wafer roll snack with a combination of chocolate wafer roll and chocolate cream, cookies and cream, and strawberry-milk cream

Mayasi Paw

Nail-shaped extruded snack with several choices of flavor, which are roasted corn, chocolate and cheese flavor

Our Contact

Factory Office
Jl. Raya By Pass KM. 24, Desa Ponokawan, Kec. Krian, Kab. Sidoarjo.
East Java – Indonesia

Head Office
Jl. Kenjeran 546, Surabaya
East Java – Indonesia
Telp. +62 31 382 1487
Fax. +62 31 382 1214