Layanan Kami

To achieve our vision and mission, PT Manohara Asri provides
Several services for our customers,amongothers are:


The result of a good cooperation with our partners for our global distribution is a precise and well managed logistic distribution network, which will ensure on time delivery schedule for each order with the lowest possible cost.


Compliance with various countries’ export regulation is a critical task in the process of sourcing a global food products. Our team has an excellent reputation to comply with each country 

Trade shows

The Company participates in the following trade shows: ANUGA, SIAL, FANCY FOOD, THAIFEX, TIBCO and FOODEX, among others. Key procurement executives from various channels attend these worldwide.

Private label development

Aware of the rapid growth of store brand products in recent years, PT Manohara Asri offers customers the ability to label products with their own brand in many categories of our portfolio.

Sales and customer service

The Company has recognized the need to provide follow up on product delivery, turnover and inventory management. The organization’s sales team focuses its efforts in assisting each client’s